First Tee Golf Program

Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club and the First Tee Golf Program 2019

The First Tee Golf Program teaches kids and youth golf skills as well as life skills and positive values.  The kids and youth from age 6 to 12 participate in week long golf camps at the Pitch and Putt golf course in Queen Elizabeth Park.
As part of the program, they visited the Vancouver Lawn Bowling on Tuesday mornings during July and August to learn the basic skills of the game in the context of enjoying the game and building on the positive life skills being taught by the First Tee instructors.   
This year, some 220 participants visited the club to enjoy a session of lawn bowling.  The First Tee instructors did an excellent job of explaining the basic of the game and organizing the teams and the games.  They also reinforced the need to be careful while on the green so as not to damage the green.  The participants for the most part were mindful of the green and interested in bowling.  The younger kids had some difficulty handling the smallest club bowls; however, after we used much smaller carpet bowls, borrowed from the Kerrrisdale Lawn Bowling Club, they managed to roll the bowls much easier and smoother. 

As well as using the greens, the First Tee used the club house for their administrative work and on rainy days if the club house was not being used by our members.  Luckily, this year there were not too many days with poor weather conditions.
There were still a few minor issues that we had to deal with such as turnover of First Tee staff, closing of our back gate, and clean up.  All were discussed with the First Tee group and resolved or will be resolved.
The collaboration between the VLBC and the First Tee Golf Program is a way for our club to support and introduce young people to the sport of lawn bowling and to provide a connection and service to the community. 
We hope that we will be able to continue this partnership of the last 5 years and introduce new activities to better engage the kids in the sport of lawn bowling.

Adolfo Pietracupa Memorial

It was great sadness and respect that brought a large number of family and friends to Alfie’s memorial on November 2nd.

Thanks to Aki for the pictures. (Click on a picture to enlarge it. Use the arrows on the sides to see others)

Granville Park Visit 2019

from Carol at Granville Park

Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club visit to Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club September 14, 2019

The Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club visited the Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club on Saturday, September 14, 2019 to join together for an afternoon of social lawn bowling.  These home and away games in alternate years started in 2012 when the Granville Park visit our club as part of our 100th year activities.  Our clubs started as one club but soon split into two clubs so we are really sister clubs enjoying a reunion each year.
Mixing up the players from both clubs enabled us to learn more about other bowlers, to play on different green and to enjoy the clubhouse and the hospitality of the members during tea break.
Unfortunately, this year, rain was the order of the day.  We still managed to play a few ends for most teams; one team persevered and played a complete game of 10 ends.

Photo from Carol at Granville Park shows the determination of the bowler (Ming from VLBC) and the friendship and consideration of the other bowler from GP sharing an umbrella. While the rained dampened the play, we had more time to mingle and socialize with members of the Granville Park LBC.  As usual, they set out their delicious and ample supply of beverages and sandwiches, cakes and fruit.  Much thanks for those at GP who organized the bowling and for the members who worked in the kitchen.
Our turn next year.  Good weather, good bowling, good friends and good food!

Year-End Triples, 2019

The Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club held its Year End Triples Tournament on Saturday, September 7, 2019.  On a warm overcast afternoon, 10 teams played 3 eight end games.  Our games convenor, Amy, organized the draw for teams and organized the play as an official tournament with trial ends, score cards, score board, rules of play announced and umpire equipment on hand for rulings if needed.  And cash prizes for the winners.
The games were all challenging and competitive.

On the Green

 In the end the winning team was Kay, Pritpal and Phoebe.  This was their first tournament win so they took lots of photos one of which is shown below. 

Our tournament champions:
Pritpal, Phoebe & Kay. Congratulations!
Our Convenor, Amy

Andrew Durdano Memorial Tournament

Andrew Dardano Memorial Men’s Triple Tournament was held on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.  We had a full slate of 16 teams participating in the tournament. 

The winning clubs were: 1st place Kerrisdale LBC, 2nd place Granville Park LBC and 3rd place Richmond LBC. 

Other activities adding to the enjoyable day of lawn bowling were the ‘spider’ and the 50/50 draw.  The kitchen crew worked hard to have refreshments available during the games and serving dessert at lunch time.  The games crew also worked hard setting up the lanes, keeping scores and taking down the lanes.  All in all another successful tournament. Thanks to the teams participating in the tournament and to the volunteers from the club.

Jonathan Lee, Men’s Games Coordinator

Andrew Dardano Memorial Tournament


Andrew Dardano Memorial Tournament 2018

The Vancouver Lawn Bowling  Club held the 2nd annual Andrew Dardano Memorial Tournament on Wednesday, July 25, 2018.  The tournament was established to remember and honour our long time member and friend who passed away a couple of years ago on April 1, 2016.
There was a full slate of 16 teams from the Richmond LBC, Granville Park LBC, Dunbar LBC, Kerrisdale LBC, Stanley Park LBC, and New Westminster LBC as well as the Vancouver LBC.  It was a very hot and sunny day and teams enjoyed competing in 4 – 10 end games.  In the end the teams from Richmond prevailed as they took the top 3 spots each having 4 wins with the ranking determined by the number of points won.

First place (tied): Stephen Yung, Clement Law, Stanley Chow

First place (tied):  Chris Grahame, Paul Choi, James Chen
Third place:  Kelvin Lai, Peter Lee, Alan Chan

The tournament ran smoothly thanks to the efforts of our Games Chair, Jonathan Lee, and the numerous members who volunteered.  The social side of the tournament also ran smoothly thanks to Donna Chan and the kitchen and social crew.
Finally, thanks to all the bowlers for participating in this friendly competition for the Andrew Dardano Memorial Trophy.

  • Elmer

Alexander Cup Challenge 2018

Below are photos from the first installment of the Alexander Cup Challenge held on Saturday, July 21st.  Our club trails Victoria’s CP Lawn Bowling Club by 4 points overall.

The return match is on Saturday, August 18th, at 1:00 pm.

Thanks to Elmer for the pictures.

Tournament of Roses

This year the weather cooperated for a great event.

The winners of the 2018 Tournament of Roses were:

First Place, Richmond

Second Place, Maple Ridge

Third Place, North Vancouver

Opening Day 2018 – ver. 1

Opening day yesterday – in the rain – and the Chair of the Parks Board is about to throw the opening bowl.
There were about 50 attendees during the afternoon, and now we hope to get sunshine on Monday, so we can have a real opening.
David F.