Opening Day, 2018

To all members

Spring comes, flowers blossoms, our gate opens, bowling seasons starts.

The Opening Day of this new bowling season is April 28 (next Saturday) 1pm, and cleanup inside and outside preparation day is April 21 (this Saturday) 9:30am.

**Mr. Stuart MacKinnon, Vancouver Park Board Chair, is coming at 1pm, on the Opening Day, to give a speech, and roll the first bowl, and maybe join us in a game or a few ends. Members can greet each other then.

Snacks and drinks will be prepared.

The weekly schedule of this bowling season is:

Sundays, Mondays and Saturdays—1:30pm & 3:30pm,



See you on the Green!

Inaugural Durdano Memorial Men’s Triples

We were honoured and very pleased to have excellent conditions for the inaugural Andrew Durdano Memorial Men’s Triples tournament.

Elmer offered a moving speech that listed the many contributions made by Andrew over his years of membership in our club. Most remembered will be his ever smiling personality, his deadly accuracy with the bowls, and Andrew’s wonderful dishes of pasta and desserts at our pot-lucks!

First place was ably taken by the winners of last year’s closing Glasgow & Ayrshire Tournament, Richmond 1.

Second place was from Stanley Park.

Third place was Vancouver 4.

Tied for 4/5 was Vancouver 1.

Pictured with the Vancouver teams is Andrew’s niece, Terry:

Thanks to Aki for these pictures.

Dardano Memorial Men’s Tournament

Ms. Terry Hartshorne, niece of the late Andrew Dardano, has accepted our invitation to be the Guest Trophy-Presenter in our inaugural Andrew Dardano Memorial Men’s Tournament on July 2. We look forward to seeing her on Tournament day!


Victoria – Club Friendly

We have set up a date for our club to visit CP Lawn Bowling Club in Victoria for an afternoon of social bowling with them.

The date is Wednesday July 26th with bowling starting at 1:00 p.m.   We will take the 9 am ferry and arrive around noon or so.   Amy will arrange for carpooling.

A sign up sheet has been posted on the bulletin board for anyone who is interested in attending to sign up.

Tournament of Roses

Sadly, the all day rain forced a cancellation of this year’s main women’s event. Thank you to all the ladies who optimistically came out. And thank you to the organizers, who had everything prepared anyway.

It was Luigi who made the final call.
Luigi, DDC, hMDG, our Designated Dispatcher of Crows and honorary Major Domo of the Green, who invoked the 2″ Rooster Tail Rule: where the rooster tail behind a rolled bowl is determined to be in excess of 2 inches in height, the game shall be cancelled.

Oh well – next year…

Thursday Night Triples

New bowlers will find this league to be a great place to learn the game.

Dates: Thursdays, June 1st to August 3; organizing day May 25th. Ten games will be played in total.

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Teams will be set up with experienced bowlers and new bowlers so a balance of experience is maintained.

Each person delivers 3 bowls per end. The club has a wide range of bowls for your use. 10 ends are played per night.

Cost: $50 for new bowlers. Club members are free.



Club Tournaments

VLBC Interclub Tournaments in Transition

The Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club hosts 2 interclub tournaments during the bowling seasons, one for men and one for women.
The Tournament of Roses for women has changed slightly this year moving from a women’s fours to a women’s triples tournament.  The Roses has always been very popular and fully booked each year.  Still we have moved to the triples format to make it easier for smaller clubs, including ours, to field a team.  Everything else remains the same including our commitment to provide an enjoyable day of lawn bowling.   The date for this year’s tournament will be Thursday, June 8th. Contact Dorothy

The men’s tournament has undergone a more dramatic change.  The Glasgow and Ayrshire Men’s Fours tournament has been closed and the trophy has been retired.  This popular tournament in early July featured a piper-led parade around the Rose Garden and Green, a toast of scotch to the Queen and day of friendly but competitive bowling.
A new tournament has been established:  The Andrew Dardano Memorial Tournament.  Andrew Dardano was a long time member of the Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club who donated much both financially and through volunteer work at the club.  He was a regular fixture at all our week end games and socials.  He was an excellent bowler and in his quiet and gentle way helped new bowlers learn the game.   He is fondly remembered for all of his contributions to the club and its members.
The date for this year’s tournament has been set as Sunday, July 2nd. To request an entry please contact Jonathan

New Competition Rules

A report prepared by Bowls Canada Boulingrin is made available for consideration.

The document is strictly an analysis and no decisions have been made at present time.

If restructuring should take place, changes will not come into effect until 2018: [bsk-pdf-manager-pdf id=”2″]