Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club

Lawn bowling in the middle of Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park.

During this pandemic intermission the club facilities have been kept up by our dedicated volunteers. Thank you so much!

We are all looking forward to being able to get back together again to bowl in the spring and hold the events as proposed on the new calendar.

If permitted by the Provincial Health Office regulations our first Pot-Luck will be on January 22nd.

The 2022 Calendar has been posted.

The 2022 Fee Schedule is posted below.


July 21st – Alexander Cup Challenge


2022 Board

President                            Betty-Ann

Vice President                  Donna

Secretary                             Charlie

Treasurer                            James


John S, Elmer, Pritpal, Belle, Aki, Joanna, Kay, Dorothy, Tracey

Renting For Your Group

Information for Rentals in 2022 may be posted for this summer, depending on the lifting of covid-19 restrictions.

About Us

The VLBC is the oldest lawn bowling club in Vancouver, being established in 1912.  We have a very well maintained Green and a comfortable clubhouse which are well utilized by our membership and by visitors. VLBC members are proud to say that we have a reputation as being one of the friendliest clubs in the Vancouver area.

After covid-19 restrictions are lifted, drop-ins will be welcome from the end of April to September on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 1:30 pm, and Wednesdays from 10:30 am.

The drop-in fee of $15 includes the use of Club bowls.  Please wear clean, flat-soled shoes.

Normally, we host 2 major tournaments during the year: the Andrew Dardano Memorial Triples for men and the Tournament of Roses Triples for women. Please see the Calendar for dates.

Contact Us

For general information, email the Secretary

Friendly Competition

At the VLBC we draw for teams during regular play, making sure that the opposing teams have complementary levels of experience. This way you get to play with and against most of the other members during the season.

Fee Schedule 2022

FULL MEMBERSHIP      $190.00

Includes use of Club bowls, potluck dinners and other events.

TRIAL MEMBERSHIP       $ 50.00

Discounted rate for new members for a trial period of two months. $50.00 can be applied to full membership. Includes coaching, lessons and use of Club bowls.


Available only to Club members spouses or family member’s and associates, for potluck dinners and a day of bowling.

DROP IN                                   $ 15.00 

This rate is for people who drop in when Club members are bowling.  Includes use of Club bowls. (May include some coaching or no coaching).

CORPORATE EVENTS     $ 30.00  

Minimum number of participants is to be 20 people, if fewer than 20 people they will still be charged for 20 people. One day per week will be set aside for corporate events. Coaching and Club bowls will be provided. If the group is going to serve alcohol they must have a liquor license.  Reduced rates for students.

AFFILIATE MEMBERS       $  10.00            

A member of any Club in the world.

   : photos by Aki